WRAPPED: 'Winter's Dream'

It's been a little over a week since I wrapped the new sci-fi thriller, 'Winter's Dream', written and directed by Joey Curtis, writer of 'Blue Valentine'. In it, I play a soldier sent on reconasance to retrieve a war hero, who has fallen from grace and is now an addict of the street drug of the future, "Q-Vapor". That's it for the filming in 2014, but we'll come back in February 2015 for another round, where we'll be picking up the external scenes of earth's surface, post-nuclear fallout.

The first round was a blast! I got to work with futuristic weapons, do some stunts and meet some great people. I can't wait for the second round!

Enjoy the pictures from the shoot. Special thanks to my costar Sirwan Al Naibesi and adult film star, Charlotte Stokely (second picture below) for playing being a blast to work with!

Gratefully yours,


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