WRAPPED: "Sands of Fate" by Mike Vanelli

Boy oh boy, this was a fun shoot. I got to live out my fantasy of being a gladiator fighting for his life! I loved so much about this shoot. The swordfight choreography, working with a new director, new actors and a choreographer!

In this studio short, I play a slave presented with the opportunity to battle for the chance of becoming a gladiator! Thanks to Director Mike Vanelli and his awesome studio out in Moorpark, California, we made something small-scale and authentic looking. My costar, Greg Audino made it easy for me to "fake" being thrown around by a guy shorter than me (he's a freakin powerhouse). Julian Vican plays a Roman head-of-house hedonist, like a non-comedic hedonist-bot (from Futurama) with Ariel Mantelli and Josh Stillman as his aides. Patrick Boylan played the staunch slave master, who meets his demise at the hands of one.

"Sands of Fate" is currently in post-production with plans to hit film festivals this winter.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/mikevmedia for stills, screencaps and updates on the production.

Heedlessly yours,

John Kyle

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