John Kyle Sutton
actor  |  screenwriter  |  MC  |  creator

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written and produced by John Kyle Sutton

Three friends get an unexpected mandate from their government only to discover an ancient prophesy unfolding before their eyes. 


'The Usual'

         written and produced by John Kyle Sutton


     written and produced by John Kyle Sutton

Follow an ensemble of odd twenty-something characters as their plans for a wild Saturday night is 


interrupted by misfortune and mayhem. As the sun goes down and the moon comes up, sex, drugs, violence, kidnapping and trouble with the law threaten to shut down their good time. Set in the suburbs and desert badlands of Boise, Idaho.

John Monroe, a mid-century American private eye, finds himself in over his head when the widow of a murdered man gets in the way of a very important murder investigation and the unveiling of an invention that could alter the course of history itself.

John Kyle Sutton the overworked Detective John Monroe

Megan Penn the young widow, Nancy Paradine of Paradine         


Mindy Bajarano Karla, the wild-eyed waitress with a hair trigger.

  ~ with ~

Noah Katz and Guy Kapunik the infamous Spumoni Brothers.


Annie Bulow as "Julie"

John Kyle Sutton as "Vern"

Darrell Boatwright as "Breakit!"

Jennifer Boudreau as "Kourtney"

Marc Ewins as "Marty"

Shea Hall as "Danni"

Kyle Morris as "Ricky"

Rich Kilfoyle as "Jared"

James Portis as "The Party Oracle"


Produced by John Kyle Sutton

Directed by Jake Lyman



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